Sunday, August 9, 2009

Frenchy's Place

I ate again at Frenchy's Place the other day. Dave was cooking and made me the best milk shake I have ever had. Next year they should include malt as well. I saw 28 people come in off the trail and order one shake each. I found out that one of them was in earlier and loved his shake so much, he went back to the camp ground and brought everyone back with him. Way to go Dave!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, I made the decision to spend my summers in Colorado last year (2008) after a visit to Holts Guest Ranch. The owner, Eleanor, treated me like family and I had a great time! I went fishing in Taylor Park Lake and caught my first Lake Trout. I bought a travel trailer and pulled it up in the spring of 2009. It rained and snowed most of the first month I was there but July is almost here and I expect it to be great weather again. My buddy Dave and I have been exploring the area in my 1973 FJ40 Landcruiser. Dave helped me work on it all last winter. We added insulation and weather stripping around all the doors and windows. We rebuilt the heater and installed new heater hoses. The trails are endless in the area of Taylor Park. There are certain designated trails for ATV's only and you must buy a permit allowing you to use these trails but the jeep trails are free. We found a place called Union Park that is spectacular! It is a huge open area and trees border the perimeter. We go in the late afternoon to see the huge elk that come out to feed. When it gets to be around 8pm or so they go back into the trees to go to bed. One of the things I love about Union Park is that you can get up on a hill and look out and see that you are the only one in the entire area. We have found numerous old gold mines. Some are a little scary as the old shafts are starting to cave in. We have been going out and prospecting around some of the streams and putting the dirt and sand in buckets until we can figure out how to get the gold out. We have no clue how to do it yet, but we have some Friends that may be able to teach us.

Up the hill from holts is a ghost town by the name of Tin Cup. In the middle of the town is the original church that now doubles as the town hall. Many old cabins are still occupied in the summer. I love to eat at Frenchy's Place. The hamburgers are best I have had. I also tried their signature TinCup Pie. It is an excellent choice after lunch. I will be studying the local history and post it as I learn it. I am a self proclaimed history buff and believe you me there must be plenty of history here because I went to the old cemetery up the Cumberlain Trail and looked at the graves. Most are marked but some are not. The first thing you notice is that there are specific areas for whatever denomination the deceased happened to be. Jew, Catholic and protestant.